Welcome to HPYC Website and this NEW FYI page.

(Watch here for Announcements, News and Update Information.)

  • As of February 1st, the site has been updated and is now Mobile Friendly.
  • There is another new page – “Contact Us” – that you can use to send messages or questions.
  • The 2022 Calendar is available and will be updated when new events are added.
  • The “Members Only” has now got the 2022 Bylaws, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and Updated Roster.
  • Speaking of Roster – we are working hard at having an editable by members Roster. One which members can update their own information and select what information they want members able to see. For now, we have excluded street addresses due to the request by some members – at this point it is difficult be selective so we have deleted address for everyone.
  • Event Photos” has not been updated. We are looking for a way that members can post photos on themselves.
  • If you have registered in the past, and opted for your login to be remembered, you should be able to go directly to Bylaws, SOPs,  Roster or Newsletters (not updated yet). (Note: If you logged out or didn’t check “Remember Me” you will see the screen to log-in)
  • If you have never registered, it will require that you do so. Enter a User Name that you will remember. For your Password, you can highlight the auto password and enter whatever password you want “that you can remember”. Within 24 hours you will be approved.

Any questions or problems – contact Webmaster, Mary Dillon at cell 586-202-4054 or email [email protected]


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